Our Services

PBTLI takes pride in its demonstrated ability to quickly and efficiently identify promising leads for continued development. Testing is available for screening drugs for toxicity as well as for positive and negative effects on behavior.

PBTLI is fully equipped to accommodate a full battery of behavioral tests relevant to areas such as learning and memory, sensory gating, place/fear conditioning, motor function, nociception, and anxiety-related behaviors. Please use the links on the left to learn more about specific tests provided.

PBTLI also offers consulting services for pharmaceutical companies and other clients based on an hourly (or daily) fee. Services provided may include assistance with the design and implementation of behavioral pharmacology studies, methods to assess potential CNS side effects of new drugs, opinions related to the best behavioral testing equipment and software available, etc. PBTLI can also provide written overviews of recent scientific literature and or symposia related to neuropsychiatric disorders, relevant topics presented at national and international scientific meetings, etc.